Building Change

At De La Vega Development, we build, manage and oversee each of our projects with purpose. We strive to make a difference with every project we undertake—fulfilling a vision for our clients, the surrounding neighborhood as well as the community as a whole. With more than 20 years of experience in international acquisitions, leasing, development and asset management, we begin each project with a thoughtful and detailed approach to ensure long term value.


Our Company

At the forefront of building change, De La Vega is a purpose-driven development firm with an extraordinary vision for creating meaningful destinations that bring long-term value to communities.

Community Impact

With integrity and purpose at its core, De La Vega strives to make a difference in communities and surrounding neighborhoods by focusing on meaningful experiences that incite change, build value and create opportunities.


The De La Vega team is known for its foresight and vision, leveraging more than 20 years of experience to deliver only the most exceptional of services in all areas – from acquisitions to asset management.